Our Story

In 2017, Keystroke partnered with a Top 10 Global Freight Forwarder to solve a pressing issue: The last 10% of their invoices resulted in 90% of their invoice collection efforts! Not to mention poor customer experience, decreased revenues due to write-offs, and poor DSO.

Veterans of both Logistics and Software development, Keystroke saw that most Logistics Service Providers have built their DNA around moving freight, not around providing correct invoices. Through time, shippers have made more and more specific invoicing demands that Forwarders and Carriers are just not equipped to support.

As a result, a slew of Freight Pay & Audit companies surfaced that protected shippers from over-payment and to ensure their unique requirements were met.

“But who is helping the carriers?!”

Keystroke is. We created the Keystroke Invoice Quality Gate platform to reduce friction in the invoice collection process and help carriers get paid in full for the services they provide.

Nothing Else Matters If You Don’t Get Paid

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