Keystroke Features

Leverage technology to reduce the effort in getting invoices paid on time

Customer Invoice Analysis

Machine learning helps identify the root causes of billing failure points to ensure invoices get paid on time

Invoice Quality Gate

Gain control by auditing and verifying for data and rating accuracy before invoices are sent

Simple EDI Invoicing

Connect once with Keystroke and deliver Invoices and Documents seamlessly in any format

Freight Auditor API

Unified view of invoice status across multiple audit companies and assurance that your invoice was received

Customer Invoice Analysis

  • Pull scattered customer billing knowledge into a centralized platform
  • Keystroke Machine Learning System reviews and analyzes all rates, customer requirements and common behaviors to identify root causes so you can implement corrective actions
  • Learn from others. Keystroke has a deep network of shipper and 3rd party auditor requirements, charge codes, and patterns.

Invoice Quality Gate

  • Identifies reasons an invoice may potentially not get paid
  • Identifies missed or undercharges
  • Allows you to review questionable invoices immediately after invoice is created
  • Opportunity to correct and update prior to sending to the customer

EDI Invoicing & Web Services

  • Optimized EDI for all Freight Audit & Payment companies AND ERP Systems (Oracle, SAP, etc)
  • Fast and simple configuring of specific charge codes and data requirements
  • Easy Updates to mapping without need for IT department
  • Invoice data and backup information can come from multiple sources and result in a single outbound invoice

“We struggled with poor DSO, especially on our most strategic accounts. Keystroke’s Invoice Quality Gate platform helped us improve our cash conversion by reducing the effort to collect by 50%, reducing our DSO by 75%, and identifying under-billings of around 10% on some customers.”

VP of Finance, Top 10 Global Forwarder

Freight Auditor API

  • One connection to Keystroke provides status updates for all 3rd Party Auditors
  • Was the invoice received?
  • Is the Invoice being processed?
  • What is the current status?

Let’s talk about how Keystroke can also help with:

  • Automation of Backup Documents
  • Other Invoice Delivery Methods (flat file, automatic email with attachments, etc)
  • Paper Invoice challenges
  • Temporary billing protection while you implement more complex solution


  • Customer Invoice Portal
  • Multiple Format Tariff digitization

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