No More

Past Due Invoices

Reduce the effort to collect logistics invoices via a powerful technology platform.

Get paid in full and on time, every time. 

Billing Expertise for Complex Customers

Complicated and ever-changing rate tariffs. Customer specific waivers and requirements. We get it. You worry about moving the freight. We’ll make sure every invoice matches the customer’s billing requirements and rates.

Simple Invoice API or EDI

We are experts in electronic invoicing. We can build, test and launch EDI with any recipient (3rd Party Auditors included) faster and more effectively than anyone. Plus, we digitally verify and send all backup documents. Just hand us the Customer Requirements, and we will have it up and running in as little as 2 weeks. EDI has never been faster and easier.

Protecting You from Under-Billings

Everyone is happy to audit your invoices to make you didn’t overcharge your customer. But who is auditing the invoice to make sure you didn’t under-charge? Or leave charges out? Our experience has shown that every carrier undercharges, some as much as 7% of the invoice value. We make sure you get paid in full. We find those undercharges and alert you before the invoice is ever sent for processing.