Getting it Right Before it is Sent

Pre-Audited Invoices

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
We work with logistics sellers to help them get invoices right before they are ever sent.  
Less work for everyone. Higher confidence and transparency.

Logistics Invoice Settlement Platform

Single Platform Collaboration

Whatever requirements, we make it easy to manage. Whoever the auditor. All modes, carriers, shippers, and moves. The rules are enforced, invoices are approved and exceptions are managed quickly and effortlessly.

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Real-time invoice status updates
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Effortless and fast EDI management
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Data and Rate Validation
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Unified partner collaboration

Speed Up Invoice Approval Times

An Invoice may be correct, and still be unpayable.

Frustrated by an endless cycle of invoice exceptions?  

Carriers want to get paid

Shippers want to pay

Join some of the world's largest Carriers and Shippers who have taken an expensive, time consuming and inneffective process and changed to an easy, collaborative flow.

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A shipment isn't complete
until it is paid in full

We help align financial and operational systems