Invoice Quality Gate

Accounts Receivables on Your Terms

Take control of recievables.  Reduce the effort required to collect. Especially where a Freight Auditor is involved.
Keystroke takes the guesswork out of accounts receivables


DSO Reduction across key accounts

8 Hr

Per person per week productivity improvements

Pre-Invoice Audit

All Invoices Paid On-Time and In-Full

No more "roll the dice" invoicing. No more guessing on what it will take for invoices to avoid exceptions. With Keystroke Invoice Quality Gate, we ensure every invoice will be approved to pay.

Data Validation

We pull data from a rich variety of sources to ensure that every invoice has the required data

Rate Validation

We catch overcharges, under-charges and missed charges before invoices are sent.

Backup Docs

Seamless invoice matching

EDI Invoices

EDI optimized for each customer, freight auditor, or 3PL

Customer Rules

We make invoice customization easy

Better Financials

Eliminate Write-Offs and Short Payments

How much did you write-off last year due to "uncollectable invoices?"
Let's make sure that doesn't happen next year

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Lightning Fast Implementations

See results in as little as 30 days.
We already work with many TMS and most Freight Auditors and 3PLs.