Pay As You Go Pricing

No upfront costs or set up fees


$1 per invoice

Send EDI Invoices

Basic Data Validation

Invoice Status Updates

Standard Reports

Most Popular


$2 per invoice

Everything in Core PLUS:

Invoice Error Analysis

Customer Specific Requirements

Rating and Under-bill Audit

Backup Documents

Collection Tools & Reporting


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Multiple Integration Sources

White-labeled Customer Portal

Advanced Customization

Dedicated Account Management

Advanced Business Intelligence

Common questions

Do you have a setup cost?

Absolutely not. We only charge you for invoices that move through the Keystroke system

Wait, so Keystroke would set up and send an EDI invoice on my behalf, and will only charge me a transaction fee per invoice??

Yes. No joke!

Is Keystroke secure?

Keystroke utilizes the latest in cloud-based security protocols.  All of your data is housed securely in a fully redundant, cloud-based architecture.

Do I have to use Keystroke for all my billing?

No. We are happy to work with you on your most complex customers.  We think you will see so much value in Keystroke that you will chose to use it for all of your customer billing.

What if our billing comes from multiple systems?

Keystroke can combine invoices from multiple systems into a single, itemized invoice, with all backup documentation attached.

What about supplemental invoices?

Keystroke’s Invoice Identification System was built to be able to effectively communicate to auditors how supplemental invoices fit in with previous invoices for the same shipment.